Ok, it’s 2012. No more excuses. I am LITERALLY emerging from the WORST year of my life. Observe the treacherous evidence:

-Hair has fallen out in droves. (I’ve got the photos to prove it- though I’d like to keep the blog pretty, so probably won’t be unveiling the gobs of dead, fallen hair photos for now:)

- I had a full on stint with serious acne! (REALLY Universe? Really? I haven’t seen this many pimples since the 10th grade prom. :( All on my forehead no less, and all at a time when I had holiday parties to attend, was launching a new business venture, and basically couldn’t hide under a rock).

-Still recovering from my mother’s passing. Cancer. :(   Need I say more?

-Of course to top things off, I am now in the worst physical shape of my life. (This is one area at least where being vegan has provided its saving graces.) Though I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve worked out this entire year, true, the diet has kept things from getting completely out of hand. I’ve put on probably 5 or so stubborn pounds and most importantly I FEEL the most sluggish I have in a very long time. Most frighteningly, the leanness in my legs has plain and simply left the building.

So, with this in mind, I am nipping this mediocre living in the bud once and for all.  This past year has tested the limits of the tenacity and sanity I could muster, true, but I am STILL holding on. I am surviving and in 2012 I dare say, thriving! I am making over this life and this tired frame and dare I say, I am starting with my flabby thighs! If I can make them over, I can make over anything! I’m sharing this because if you are attempting to get in your best shape for your wedding, or maybe also because it’s a new year with new possibilities, should either of these be the case, (or if you just like to look at gorgeous legs and shake your head at the dimple-free unfairness) take note:…this type of madness exists, and I’m goin’ for it in 2012! How about you?

Carrie Underwood is working the toned legs in this oh-so-short flirty vintage dress on the red carpet. Darn! Inspiration!

JLO sports her irrepressible legs. Go Ms. 42 and fabulous (even though she DOES wear fur, which makes her decidedly less fabulous, but the legs look good)-Courtesy of Gillette


Jennifer Aniston giving great leg in a cute shortsuit. Another woman in her 40's who is looking better than ever if you ask me. Those legs-darn, now I have to give up that 2nd piece of bread for sure!

Looks like Dania Ramirez is getting in on the act as well. This short dress takes nerve, no? (Wonder what happens when she sits down)? Cute shoes too...

Couldn't leave out the Queen of all good legs, Fergie. Seriously, her physique alone made her so famous I was surprised to learn she can actually SING! Looks like she's set up an official "no cellulite allowed" zone in her neighborhood, this year, can I can move in?

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  1. trevor says:

    My friend, I finally remembered to check this out. Well, the legs do not make the woman.

    And as per your year, I think you know I understand all too well what it’s like to have a crappy run. Yes you have survived and yes now it is time to thrive! Good luck with you! Trevor shall be with you in spirit!!!!

    p.s. my legs are better

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