Wedding album: Part Trois!

So, I’m extremely slow & pretty darn busy! (I think we’ve well established that:). However here is the third installment of our blissful vegan wedding pics. Enjoy!! :)

I think I like this one...

We had an "Old Hollywood Glam" wedding theme + we wanted to celebrate our vegan bride ode & raw vegan dessert company (earthcafe) so we thought it would be fun to have a red carpet & backdrop. The favors for the guests were their photos on the red carpet at the wedding in a magnetized frame, wrapped in a sheer turquoise satin-y bag . I thought it was a cute idea anyway!

Our idea for favors...a bit of a feat to pull off (a) find 2nd photographer to take photos b) have photographer run to have photos developed quickly c) have wedding planner/wedding help organize photos & place each in frame & then in bag d) pretty display & guests have lifetime memory?? :)

You can also see the oh so sweet guest book we received from my dear friend Millan. WHAT a great idea! The guests fill out little individual cards that fit into tiny individual envelopes to make up the book. I loved it.

I SO wish we had more pics of the unimaginably great food! My biggest regret of the day is that we didn't get more food pics!!! :( Oh well- at least here you get a GLIMPSE of the caramelized grilled veggies w/pesto, baby apples & pears, exotic dips, etc...

I always kiss VeganGroom on his's our signature thing...:)

Me (veganbride) Vanessa & Sue marched on in a surprise dance number that was # 2 of a 4 dance medley that caused Vegan groom anticipatory nightmares for weeks...(let's just say- NOT a natural born dancer:) but hopefully thrilled the crowd. We were on very little sleep & even less rehearsal time- will love these girls forever for that!!

I thought this would be the last & final part of the wedding photo album on display here…however I realize that the wedding decor probably deserves its own chapter, plus there have been a lot of photos to fit in here already. Also, we’re about to embark upon our honeymoon anniversary trip throughout Europe! We are jazzed beyond belief & can’t wait to report back to you re. all of the beautiful sights & sounds, must-do excursions & of course, the best vegan eateries we can find from London to Florence, so be sure to stay tuned!

Overflowing love,

:) VB

6 Responses to “Wedding album: Part Trois!”

  1. Stephanie says:

    i absolutely love the color of your dress and the colors of the wedding theme! this has really given us some inspiration for our wedding colors next years! thanks, so cool!!

  2. RJ says:

    The dance looks like it was fun. I love the little sachet bags. Can you email me & tell me where you got them and also, please tell me more about your caterer. Thanks so much, RJ

  3. Lisa says:

    Wow, you look beautiful!

  4. Hi Guys, sooo sorry t just be responding- what a rough end of year I’ve had. My mother was diagnosed w/gallbladder cancer in March & after multiple rounds of chemo & radiation by August, her health had seriously deteriorated- quickly & mercilessly. She passed away on Oct. 31st- I am planning to do a tribute to her here on this blog , it’s just still very hard for me to write about it, or to get my mojo back in general. Nonetheless, I AM very happy to see your comments & would love to give you the info you’ve requested, RJ. My caterer’s name is Michael C. Events. You can find him at
    He is AMAZING!! Please tell him I sent you!! The sachet bags I believe came from papermart near downtown LA, but they do ship…just google them & I think you can find them! They def. had the best prices on sachet bags I could find! Hope this helps & again, sorry my response is soooooo late! After I get over this mourning period I’ll be checking in A LOT more often!!!
    xoxoxo, VB

  5. Annette says:

    What a coincidence! I’m preparing for my wedding in November, 2011. I’m also a vegan. While looking for ideas I found your blog via a google search. When I scrolled through your photos I nearly fell off my chair when I saw my friend and fellow cleanup committee member Dr. T! He’s heard me “preaching” about the vegan lifestyle and asked me to introduce myself to you several times. Now I’ll really get it done. Enjoyed your blog so much! Thanks!

  6. WOW! What a small world!! You’re KIDDING!!! You’re vegan & you just found me coincidentally, AND you know my family!!?? Wow! Please tell me more & thanks so much for stopping by!!!!!! VB

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