Wedding Album, Part Deux! …

The real estate market has been INTENSE to say the least & can you believe it, we HONESTLY just got around to taking down our Christmas TREE this past weekend (embarrassed to say!) & have finally BEGUN filling out our thank you cards…

Needless to say, this team is a bit behind. Still, I hope you enjoy our wedding album as much as we did & even more, glean some vegan celebrating inspiration!…

Cry baby. :)

Love this walk...

Our original caterer flaked for part I of our vegan food "elixir suaree", thank GOODNESS for our angel, Melanie Edwards, who came through in the clutch, & hooked us up w/vegan sushi!! :)

I call this pic, "besos"...

Sooo sad we received very few pics of our insanely good VEGAN FOOD! Even my father was caught going straight for the stationery appetizers! A travesty, no less, that we are sans pics of the PASSED appetizers which included (the best) bruchetta I've ever tasted, mini "cheeseburgers,mini grilled "cheese" paninis, & heirloom tomato truffled martini glass mashed potatoes. Yes folks, this was "cocktail hour" #2, though this was only the beginning...

This would have been sooo magnificent had we been able to use REAL lit candles in the trees...The City of Pasadena shut that down. Fun theme though. Whaddya think?

Michael C's dinner menu? Absolutely, positivelynothing short of DIVINE!! The gods of great taste & good fortune were definitely smiling upon us...& my DEAR INCREDIBLE friend Sue, helped me search through craziness & high water, to get a deal on 80 square gold chargers...:)

Teaser: Coming up: red carpet, belly dancers, vegan cupcake bar, & of course…the culinary main event!…

Thanks & stay tuned!


VB :)

4 Responses to “Wedding Album, Part Deux! …”

  1. Melanie says:

    I just came across your website from Google and wanted to get in touch with you to see where you got your ceremony branches from? They are beautiful and I would love to do something similar in my wedding!

  2. Beth says:

    I just love this wedding! So bright and colorful! Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Thanks SO MUCH Beth & Melanie!!! Work, life, real estate has been INTENSE lately so I haven’t been by the blog in a longgggg time- however I intend to truly find the time so I will be updating A LOT more often!!

    Melanie: My amazing friend Sue & I combed the flower shops of downtown LA looking for the perfect “manzanita tree branches” (that’s what they’re called…all the rage now in wedding decor it seems). There is a HUGE range in prices that you can pay for these things…(funny, wish we had connected sooner as we just sold our whole lot for a HUGE discount, but anyway…) Hmmm, if you’re i DC, I’m sure there must be a flower district somewhere near you. That would be the place to start looking. Go & bargain bargain bargain OR rent the trees (in retrospect- that’s what we should have done…trying to fit 8 ft tall trees into our house & also having them transported from location to location proved a grueling & unnecessary feat). MANY places rented them (the table-top, 5ft. ones were going for about $30-40 ea as a rental, this is undressed. We also BOUGHT the candle-holders, flowers, etc. so I’m not sure what the rental price would be fully dressed. We also bought (had custom made) our table-cloths, chargers, plates, glasses, flatware, napkins, etc. (buying was only slightly more than renting & in some cases even cheaper…though in retrospect, renting means no CLEAN UP- plan to do an article about this soon)…So anyway, hope this HELPS!! FLOWER DISTRICT to the rescue!! (Btw, you can even order manzanitas online…do a google search. I prefer the BIG SUBSTANTIAL ones though, & there’s no way to know what you’re getting unless you see them in person…but truly hope this helps & email me direct if you need anymore help!! candy at yourholisticagent dott com. bless! VB! :)

  4. Melanie says:

    Thanks so much; this certainly does help! :)

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